Books & Art by M. B. Weston

M. B. Weston’s Elysian Chronicles

The Elysian Chronicles: Books

apffcover900The Elysian Chronicles: A Prophecy Forgotten
ISBN: Hardcover: 978-1-937035-32-7, Trade: 978-1-937035-31-0, eBook: 978-1-937035-33-4
In the first book of the Elysian Chronicles series, Davian a special operative soldier in the guardian angel military is sent to Earth to guard a child who has been prophesied to save the world. As he is guarding the child, he discovers that some of his own soldiers have turned against their country and are plotting to take it over. Read more…


Out of the Shadows Cover SmallThe Elysian Chronicles: Out of the Shadows
ISBN: Hardcover: 978-1-937035-74-7, Trade: 978-1-937035-73-0, eBook: 978-1-937035-75-4
The prophecy Davian’s people had forgotten has been fulfilled; Elysia is now slave to a tyrant. Elysia’s enemies, the mornachts, have overrun Earth, and the human child prophesied to rid evil from both worlds may not survive their attacks—or impending world war. Elysia’s only hope for freedom lies in Davian, who has been stripped of his commission and is now an escaped fugitive. Armed with only a stolen sword, he vows to free Elysian, but one thought haunts him: To free his countrymen, he must betray his country. Read more!


The Elysian Chronicles: Short Stories

THunder - Small“The Cherubian, the Lindworm & the Portal” by M. B. Weston
Anthology: Thunder on the Battlefield: Sorcery
Thunder on the Battlefield: Sorcery is one of two sword and sorcery anthologies edited by James R. Tuck and published by Seventh Star Press. M. B. Weston’s story: “The Cherubian, the Lindworm & the Portal” is part of the Elysian Chronicles universe. It takes place long before A Prophecy Forgotten when Davian and Eric were runts, and it tells the story of how Davian’s legendary military feats began. Read more…


Realms of Imagination“The White Rider” by M. B. Weston
Anthology: Realms of Imagination
ISBN: Hardcover: 9978-1-941754-04-7, Trade: 978-1-941754-03-0, eBook: 978-1-941754-05-4
Realms of Imagination is an urban fantasy anthology edited by Kimberly Richardson and published by Dark Oak Press and Media. M. B. Weston’s story, “The White Rider,” takes place within the Elysian Chronicles world between Out of the Shadows and Book III. It reveals a new group of enemies most Elysian Chronicles readers will not expect. Read more….

Other Short Stories by M. B. Weston

gadgetsfcover900 “The Survivor” by M. B. Weston
Anthology: Dreams of Steam 3: Gadgets
ISBN: Hardcover: 978-1-937035-27-3, Trade: 978-1-937035-26-6, eBook: 978-1-937035-28-05
Dreams of Steam 3: Gadgets
is part of Dark Oak Press‘s award-winning steampunk anthology series. M. B. Weston’s story, “The Survivor” tells the story of Angelica Blackmore, the lone survivor of the HMS Phoenix, Great Britain’s first airship attempt that ended in disaster. Read more…


Soon to Be Released Short Stories:

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    When will the sword of Vanir come out?


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