About Elysia

Elysia is a country in the heart of Heaven’s Realm, the dimension where all enchanted creatures, such as dragons, sprites, and unicorns, still live. A complete list of Heaven’s Realm’s creatures does not exist, but most are mentioned in myths, legends, fables, folklore, and especially fairytales. Some have lived in Heaven’s Realm since the dawn of creation. Others, after enduring too much persecution on Earth, migrated there through various portholes, such as rings of mushrooms, rainbows, and strange trees in dark forests, all of which link Heaven’s Realm to Earth.

The cherubians founded the country of Elysia under the legendary King Ezzer around 2000 BC (earthian years) when Ezzer finally defeated the cherubian’s enemies, the mornachts. Elysia enjoyed peace for one thousand years–until the mornachts attacked again. Since then, the two races have waged a war known by many as the Tri-millennial War. The Runes, a book of cherubian history and prophecy, say a future cherubian king will arise and unite the races and creatures in Elysia in a final war against the mornachts. The birth of a human child who will eventually save Earth will precede the coming of the cherubian king. The cherubians have been watching and waiting for the birth of this child, but they have begun to lose hope.

Once the last king died with no apparent heir, Elysia switched to a form of government run by a Senate and a Prime Minister. Currently, the Prime Minister and the Senate are trying to micromanage every move the military tries to make, which the military finds particularly annoying.

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