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Holiday Videos:

The Survivor

The Survivor WebsiteThis video series of M. B. Weston’s dramatic retelling of her steampunk short story, “The Survivor,” tells of an assassin named Angelica Blackmore assigned to a dangerous mission that will change the course of the world’s history. It is based on M. B. Weston’s short story, “The Survivor,” published in Dreams of Steam: Gadgets by Dark Oak Press.

Photo Aug 22, 2 35 33 AMThe Survivor – Part One: The Airship –  Angelica’s mission begins on the HMS Phoenix, an airship built in secret. Unfortunately, the Phoenix’s test flight ends with a fiery explosion, and Angelica must race against time and gravity to survive. Be sure to stay for the out takes! (Click here to view.)

Photo Aug 23, 3 25 55 PMThe Survivor – Part Two: The Wreckage – Angelica wakes up, and finds herself lying in a field. She discovers she is the only survivor of an airship crash, and she needs to find a carriage that’s waiting to take her to London so she can finish the rest of her assignment. Be sure to stay for the out takes! (Click here to view.)

Photo Aug 23, 3 26 36 PM

The Survivor – Part Three: The Drop – After surviving an airship crash, Angelica arrives in London, prepared to deliver a briefcase to a young German college student named Fritz Haber. Be sure to stay for the out takes! (Click here to view.)

Photo Aug 23, 3 26 54 PMThe Survivor – Part 4: Regret – Angelica has surviving an airship crash, and successfully completed her mission to deliver Professor Fredrick Guthrie’s briefcase to a young German student named Fritz Haber. Her mission appears to complete, except for an inspector who refuses to go away. Be sure to stay for the outtakes! (Click here to view.)

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