M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: How to Write When Sleep Deprived 02/11/15

Superhero steampunk short story is complete. I am exhausted. Got about 5 hours of sleep for the past two nights.

Here are the writing tips I have learned from this experience:

Starbucks Frappucinos that come in those jars don’t work. If you want to stay awake, avoid this beverage.

Editing on a soft plush couch when sleep deprived is not a good idea. Enough said.

Power naps work. But only when used sparingly. Two nights in a row = massive failure.

I cannot hit the right keys on my iPhone when sleep deprived. Typing this into my phone in my walk to work has been next to impossible.

If you want to stay awake, it’s all about coffee. I haven’t really found anything that works better.

[added after original posting]
If I don’t get my act together with the urban fantasy pulp novella, I’m going to be going through this again in April. And that is a kick in the pants if I have ever seen one!

How do you stay awake when you absolutely have to?



About M. B. Weston

Award-winning author M. B. Weston is one of the fantasy genre’s new, emerging voices. The Elysian Chronicles, her flagship fantasy series about guardian angel warfare and treason, has been referred to as, “…filling a big part of the void that will be left by the final Harry Potter,” by award-winning author, Vincent O’Neil. Weston’s writing attracts both fantasy and non-fantasy readers, and her audience ranges from upper-elementary students to adults. The Elysian Chronicles is being adapted into a graphic novel, and her newest book, The Sword of the Vanir (working title), is due out in Spring 2013. A gifted orator, Weston has been invited as a guest speaker to numerous writing and science fiction/fantasy panels at conventions across the US, including DragonCon, BabelCon, NecronomiCon, and ImagiCon. She has served on panels with such authors as Sherrilyn Kenyon, J. F. Lewis, Todd McCaffrey, and Jonathan Maberry. Weston has spoken to thousands of students and adults about the craft of writing and has been invited as the keynote speaker at youth camps and at several schools throughout the US.
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