M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 04/17/15

I’m sitting in the airport at Houston, waiting for my connecting flight to Lake Charles where I am the Author Guest of Honor at Cyphacon. You have probably noticed that I have been offline for a while. I haven’t updated this website or Facebook in about 3  to 4 weeks. I have been writing every day, but not in large doses. I’ve been trying to decide whether I should share what is going on. I figure that since I’m trying to be authentic in these writing diary series of blogs, I may as well be honest about why I’m having a hard time writing.

I’m going to be nine weeks pregnant on Sunday. I’ve been falling asleep almost the moment I’ve been getting home and all of that first trimester stuff that no one warns you about. The exhaustion is a killer.

The bigger issue is that this pregnancy has some rare…issues, and we aren’t sure how it will end. I won’t get into details, but there is a lot going on health-wise right now.

Fortunately, I got an extension from the publisher for the Lodestone story. I have to admit that was hard. I don’t like having to admit defeat.

I’m hoping that this will encourage some of you who are having a hard time finding time to be creative. Finding time to write while working and just getting through life is a real balancing act. I am amazed at what types of things can throw off that balance. I’m struggling right now, simply because of biology. You might be struggling for other reasons. Don’t judge yourself. Keep going. It’s supposed to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it. 

Right now, I’m having to do it without the aid of caffeine…


About M. B. Weston

M. B. Weston is an award-winning fantasy, pulp, young adult, steampunk, and paranormal author. Her attention to procedure and detail gives her works an authentic gritty, military feel that takes an adventure tale to the level of a true page-turner. Weston’s writing attracts both fantasy and non-fantasy readers, and her audience ranges from upper-elementary students to adults. A gifted orator, Weston has been invited as a guest speaker to numerous writing and science fiction/fantasy panels at conventions across the US, including DragonCon, BabelCon, NecronomiCon, and Alabama Phoenix Festival. She has served on panels with such authors as Sherrilyn Kenyon, J. F. Lewis, Todd McCaffrey, and Jonathan Maberry. Weston has spoken to thousands of students and adults about the craft of writing and has been invited as the keynote speaker at youth camps and at several schools throughout the US.
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4 Responses to M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 04/17/15

  1. Alisa Russell says:

    Congrats on the pregnancy! Boy, do I remember those first trimester issues with my first two children! Sorry to hear about the health issues. I lost my third child about seven months before the first time we met. I will keep you and the baby in my prayers.


  2. LeonardHilleyII says:

    Congrats! And blessings to you with this pregnancy. May all go well for you.

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