The Elysian Chronicles: A Prophecy Forgotten Now In a Hardcover Collector’s Edition!

APF HC Great news for Elysian Chronicles fans! The Elysian Chronicles: A Prophecy Forgotten (cover pictured right) will soon be available in a hardcover collector's edition!

The A Prophecy Forgotten Collector's Edition comes complete with special features:

  • Deleted scenes: This is the A Prophecy Forgotten "Director's Cut." M. B. Weston had to take a few scenes out of A Prophecy Forgotten at the last minute for word count purposes. Those scenes have been added back in.
  • Glossary & Pronunciation Guide: All the unique to the Elysian Chronicles names, places and words complete with definitions and correct pronunciation.
  • Appendixes: The appendixes shed some light on other aspects of Elysia and Heaven's Realm beyond what is contained in the narrative.
  • Role Playing Character & Species sheets: Those of you who love RPG's, this section contains: character sheets for some of your favorite characters and species sheets for cherubians, meaning the next time you play DnD, you can play as Davian.

The collector's edition for A Prophecy Forgotten will be available within a few weeks, so keep up with the website for details!

Out of the Shadows, A Prophecy Forgotten's sequel, will also be put into a hardcover collector's edition about a month to two months from now!

Fantasy novelist M. B. Weston is the author of The Elysian Chronicles, a fantasy series about guardian angel warfare and treason. Weston hosts The Final Cut in Movies, an radio talk show about science fiction and fantasy movies that airs on 740 am WSBR. The Final Cut in movies can also be heard on Ad Astra Radio and as a podcast or on iTunes. Weston shall soon hosts a weekly podcast called To Elysia and Back Again, which can be downloaded on itunes. Click here for a complete listing of the To Elysia and Back Again podcast episodes. Weston speaks to children, teens, and adults about writing and the process of getting published. For more information on M. B. Weston, visit Find out more about The Elysian Chronicles at

About M. B. Weston

M. B. Weston is an award-winning fantasy, pulp, young adult, steampunk, and paranormal author. Her attention to procedure and detail gives her works an authentic gritty, military feel that takes an adventure tale to the level of a true page-turner. Weston’s writing attracts both fantasy and non-fantasy readers, and her audience ranges from upper-elementary students to adults. A gifted orator, Weston has been invited as a guest speaker to numerous writing and science fiction/fantasy panels at conventions across the US, including DragonCon, BabelCon, NecronomiCon, and Alabama Phoenix Festival. She has served on panels with such authors as Sherrilyn Kenyon, J. F. Lewis, Todd McCaffrey, and Jonathan Maberry. Weston has spoken to thousands of students and adults about the craft of writing and has been invited as the keynote speaker at youth camps and at several schools throughout the US.
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