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Writing: Using Your Characters’ Words to Develop Their Character

When I mention using words as part of character development, I’m not just talking about writing dialogue. Dialogue can progress the plot and reveal thoughts, but the words your character chooses to use reveal much more than those. Here are … Continue reading

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New M. B. Weston’s Corner Video: Show, Don’t Tell Using Description & Sensory Details

This is the final segment of a four-part series I’m doing on my YouTube Channel about “show, don’t tell.” Today, we’re discussing how to use description and sensory details to show instead of tell. Make your reader experience your story … Continue reading

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New Thanksgiving Video: M. B. Weston’s Corner – What Writers are Thankful For (tongue in cheek, of course)

It’s Thanksgiving, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than by sharing what we writers are most thankful for. From our gratitude to writing (which gives us an excuse to avoid people), to cliches and passive voice (which help … Continue reading

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The Elysian Chronicles Poisonwood Trees Are Real

When the tour guide at the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens told us that the manchineel tree’s sap was so toxic it would burn anyone standing under it when it rained, most people backed away. My thought: I am so putting this in my novel… And thus, the Elysian Chronicles poisonwood tree was born. Continue reading

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New Video: M. B. Weston’s Corner: Show, Don’t Tell Using Dialogue

Today we’re talking about how to Show, Don’t Tell in your writing using dialogue, and what better way to illustrate the importance of dialogue than to bring on the character Wilson from Cast Away as a special guest. In this video, I’m … Continue reading

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Writing Diary: How I Became More Productive

Time management skills have eluded me since grade school. Okay, that’s not true. Time Management and I might have been friends had I not already been involved in close relationships with Procrastination and Distraction. Throughout the years, I have tried … Continue reading

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Writing Diary: When the Story Takes Over the Writing

It never fails. In every novel or novella I have written, the story decides about four-fifths of the way through to scrap my original ending and take a hard turn somewhere else. Every. Single. Time. The next Lodestone installment was … Continue reading

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