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New Video: M. B. Weston’s Corner: Show, Don’t Tell Using Dialogue

Today we’re talking about how to Show, Don’t Tell in your writing using dialogue, and what better way to illustrate the importance of dialogue than to bring on the character Wilson from Cast Away as a special guest. In this video, I’m … Continue reading

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Chalk Paint for Geeks, Cosplayers, and YouTubers…

My next YouTube video is on “Show, Don’t Tell Using Dialogue,” and I figured I could best show dialogue’s importance by bringing in Wilson, the infamous volleyball from Castaway. The problem: Wilsons are really hard to come by… I decided … Continue reading

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M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 03/14/15

Ah the joys of the second draft. During yesterday’s writing sessions, I discovered that Chapter 4 was 20 pages long and 5,000 words. A lot of it was dialogue. Yeah, that’s not going to work in a pulp novel… The … Continue reading

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The Writing Process Part 10 – Read Your Manuscript Out Loud

Don’t neglect the last, and most important step in the writing process: reading your work out loud. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked via Twitter: “Mrs. @mbweston, what’s your writing process?” To answer his question, I’ve been … Continue reading

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