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Writing: Exploiting Your Readers’ Fear

Ah, Halloween. What better time to discuss the ins and outs of scaring your readers? Horror writers probably know many of these tips, but those of us writing other genres usually encounter a few scenes where we want to make … Continue reading

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Facing Your Deepest Fears – M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary 08/29/16

I’m sitting in front of my computer with shivers literally traveling down my arms. I can’t imagine how my poor character is feeling… Except my character is a Navy Seal. Named Tom… [Cue the excitement from the Elysian Chronicles fans…] … Continue reading

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Check Out My New Horror Short Story, “The Blue Lights,” in the Cinched Anthology

My newest short story, “The Blue Lights,” has just been published in the Cinched: Imagination Unbound anthology edited by John Hartness. The parameters of the anthology were simple: write any kind of story you want under 9,000 words as long as … Continue reading

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Working With Editors: Eliminate Forms of “To Be” & “Had”

I’m currently working on the corrections my horror/thriller short story, “Blue Lights,” which will appear in an anthology edited by John Hartness. I figured I would write a few posts about some of the things I’m working on during the editing … Continue reading

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Working with Editors: Send in Your Best Work

About a year ago, I submitted a short story for a yet-to-be-titled anthology edited by one of my friends, author John Hartness. Hartness co-edited The Big Bad 2, which featured my story “The Witch Hunter“, so we have collaborated before. … Continue reading

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Today’s Cyphacon Panel Schedule: Friday, 04/17/15

Here is today’s panel schedule for CyphaCon in Lake Charles, LA: Friday: 6:00 PM World Building (Main Panel)  9:00 PM How to Enjoy a Scary Story (Room 2) 

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Today’s ConNooga Panel Schedule: 03/01/15

Here is today’s ConNooga panel schedule. If I’m not on panels, I will be at the Dark Oak Press and Media table, so please drop by and say hi! Sunday 10:00am – Writing Openings: Character, Setting, and Conflict 01:00pm – … Continue reading

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