Elysian Chronicles Fun Facts: Dragon Clans – The Baethir

As stated in an earlier post about dragons, I realized that I needed to divide the dragons into races (or clans) when I was writing Out of the Shadows. Today’s post will focus on the Baethir dragons, and I will focus on the Tatsu in a later posts. (I posted on the Imperial dragons last week here.)

I had developed my race of leaders (the Imperials), and I needed the common dragon race that wold be most numerous. I needed them to be slighter in build than the Imperials but still scary to humans. After reading through a bunch of sites on dragons, I made these notes.

“Lung” (again needs root)

  • Middle sized dragons
  • Four claws
  • Thinner, but still hefty.
  • No horns or spikes, but two folds of skin that hang down like a fumanchu
  • Bland colors. Muted greens and browns
  • Majority (80-85% of total dragon pop)
  • Accuracy: Fire streams are thinner and have more distance.

A few things about my notes:

  • The “needs a root” was a note to myself to not call them Lung dragons. Unlike the Imperials, which I let stay. “Lung,” on the other hand, isn’t sexy. It’s not something I can see some soldier using in a serious conversation. I had to come up with a better name. Finally, I found the word bheithir (Gaelic) while doing research on dragons in other cultures. I changed the word to baethir to make it more readable.
  • I wanted the Baethir to be less powerful than the Imperials. I made them smaller, and without any horns. They are also thinner.
  • Because I needed potential for future conflict, I mad the Baethir more numerous than the Imperials. I also gave them longer, more accurate streams of fire. This is not important in Out of the Shadows when the dragons have sided with Davian, but it will be very important in Book III.
  • They unofficial leader of the Baethir is a grey dragon named Sarkon, but I’ll discuss him in another post.

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