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Writing: Exploiting Your Readers’ Fear

Ah, Halloween. What better time to discuss the ins and outs of scaring your readers? Horror writers probably know many of these tips, but those of us writing other genres usually encounter a few scenes where we want to make … Continue reading

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Writing: Can Your Readers See The Light?

No, seriously. Have you included lighting in your story? Autumn has settled in. Our days continue to shorten, and this always makes me remember the importance of light (and lack thereof). When I walk down the street in the day, … Continue reading

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On Writing: Weather’s Effect on Your Characters

Hurricane Irma left 94 percent of Naples, Florida without power. It also left them with windless, mucky days and horrendous humidity. As I scrolled through my Facebook feed throughout the two weeks after Irma, I noticed an immediate difference in … Continue reading

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How Agents of Shield’s Lash can help Writers Build Captivating Characters

Conflict turns pages. No one wants to hear about a day in the life of M. B. Weston unless it begins with something like, “I had no idea putting diesel in my Toyota Camry could cause so many problems…” (Yes, … Continue reading

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When Disaster Strikes: What Writers Can Glean From Harvey, Irma & Maria

To keep a healthy perspective on my problems, I often tell myself, “You’re doing just fine if you can drink the tap water without getting sick.” For the past ten days, my neighbors in Naples, Florida haven’t had that luxury. … Continue reading

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Writing: Catching What the Muse Flings at You

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but ideas rarely come to me when I’m sitting peacefully at my desk and can write them down in organized fashion. No, no, nooooo… My muse prefers to toss ideas my way … Continue reading

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Kill Your Productivity With These Simple Steps

Read on to discover the secrets of a master time-waster… I would love to give advice about being productive and reaching your maximum potential, but I also want to continue looking in the mirror without thinking hypocrite. I’m a full time … Continue reading

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#Writing: Adding Action vs. Raising the Stakes

It’s easy to add in a few action sequences to get your story moving, but without raising the stakes for your protagonist, the story might still fall flat. I’m working on the second draft of my urban-fantasy, pulp novella, and … Continue reading

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M. B. Weston’s Art on Display at IONS: A Geek Gallery in Memphis

Believe it or not, I have a slightly creative side, and not just with writing. During some of my free hours in the evenings (after writing during the day), I’ve been working on a few pieces of artwork. This first … Continue reading

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Coming Soon! M. B. Weston’s “Witch Hunter” in The Big Bad 2 Anthology!

If you’ve been following my Writing Diary Posts, you’ve heard me talk about the highs and lows of writing my newest urban fantasy pulp novella, currently staring a character named Michael Lodestone. (Note that all names are subject to change … Continue reading

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